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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Switch My LPG?

Yes, if your current agreement has ended or it ends soon

What About The Tank?

The existing tank will remain in place and any new supplier will simply purchase it from your current supplier

How Long Does It Take To Switch My LPG?

The switch usually takes around 21-28 days

Do You Provide LPG?

No, we are a price comparison and supplier switching service. We Don't provide LPG

Will I have To Sign A Contract?

Most suppliers will ask for a 2 year supply agreement which is industry standard, this is also the maximum length any supplier can ask for a domestic LPG customer

Will You Pass My Details On?

We only pass on your details once you are happy for us to do so and NEVER to any third parties

How Do LPG Compare Get Paid?

We get paid via a modest commission from any new supplier we recommend, this never affects your price or our judgement on which supplier to recommend

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